What Hypnosis Feels Like…and what it doesn’t feel like.

What does hypnosis look like?And just as importantly, what does it NOT look like?

Because so many people have a ton of preconceived ideas about what hypnosis is, how it should feel, and what it should look like, let’s talk about what hypnosis is NOT. 

Hypnosis is so often described as a trance-like state. But there’s one major problem with that image: in today’s society, the word trance has taken on a slightly new meaning, despite what Merriam Webster says. 

Today, we think of a trance as an altered state, where we have no control over our minds or bodies. Often, it’s considered drug-induced. Or induced by an evil spirit that has taken over your body. 

The key here is that trance is associated with being involuntarily not in control of your own mind and body. And that’s not what hypnosis is at all.   

Simplified, Hypnosis is a state of extreme relaxation and intense concentration. Not so simplified, because both relaxation and concentration by themselves are different for just about everyone, hypnosis is different for everyone too.

Some people may be so relaxed that they’re entirely slumped over during hypnosis, while others are sitting up a bit straighter. 

Some remember every word the hypnotist says, while others’ minds tend to drift away and don’t remember anything from a session.

Because everyone responds so differently, a lot of people think they can’t be hypnotized or that they weren’t in hypnosis when they were. 

I personally find that I have a very different experience from session to session, depending on my mood, the time of day, how relaxed I already am (or am not). I can go from remembering everything throughout the entire session, to not remembering anything after the first 30 seconds and then suddenly being awake and the session is over! 

Check out my video on what hypnosis looks and feels like. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a free consultation, please feel out the form just under the video!

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