Benefits of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a very powerful modality for treating with a number of different behavioral issues and habits (think correcting unhealthy eating habits, quitting smoking, or ending procrastination) to improved mindset (more motivation, more confidence, stress relief, and more overall happiness). 

Is it a magical cure-all that’s like waving a magic wand over all your troubles? Of course not. So then, why choose hypnosis?

1. It is all-natural. Hypnosis is a completely natural state that we all experience daily, with no additives, mysterious ingredients, or any of that other bad stuff. And when given the choice between an all-natural treatment or a treatment filled with chemicals, wouldn’t you rather choose the natural option?

2. It’s Quick! Unlike a lot of methods that can be ongoing over the long-term, hypnotherapy generally helps clients achieve their goals in only a handful of sessions. Sometimes results are even seen and felt after only one session, and then we reinforce those results with just a couple more sessions. 

3. It’s safe. Hypnosis is absolutely safe! Despite what you may see in movies, hypnotherapy is completely safe, especially when working with a trained and certified hypnotist. You can’t get stuck in hypnosis and you’re not going to yield power over yourself to someone else. It’s a team effort between the client and the hypnotist, so you’re in control at all times. 

4. No negative side effects. Unlike a ton of medications, hypnosis has no negative side effects, no contraindicators (despite outdated research), and no interactions with any medications because it’s a completely natural state. 

5. It’s filled with added bonuses! If you go to a hypnotherapist for one thing – like weight loss – you’ll likely experience a few other benefits as well, including improved sleep, regulated blood pressure, lowered stress levels, and several other physical and mental benefits. 

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