Self-Hypnosis vs. Meditation

If you’ve looked into hypnosis at all, you may have come across the term Self-Hypnosis or found some Self-Hypnosis tracks to listen to.

And if you’ve ever done meditation, especially guided meditation, you may have noticed a big similarity between the two.

So, what is the difference between Self-Hypnosis and Meditation?

The answer is very simple but also kind of vague.

First, let’s talk about the similarities.

With both meditation and hypnosis, you relax a ton. It’s the very core of both practices.

If you’re stressed and aren’t meditating or doing self-hypnosis, do yourself a favor and start today!!

They’re both healthy for you, mentally and physically. They reduce stress, can regulate blood pressure and other bodily functions, and help you sleep.

They both help you get control of your life in a new way.

Now, let’s talk Meditation.

Meditation is actually how I first got interested in Hypnosis. For me, it is something I tried to incorporate into my life for years with limited success. I definitely noticed the benefits, but it just somehow never made it into my daily routine. At least not for too long.

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With meditation, the main goal is to remove thoughts from your mind. The whole point is to slow down the non-stop train of thoughts that consume most of our minds every day.

And that’s exactly why it’s so awesome. It literally quiets your mind down and eases stress and leaves you more focused, relaxed, and more…You.

But that’s exactly why so many people struggle with meditation: their minds just won’t shut up!! Trust me, I know how that works!

So, how is Self-Hypnosis different?

Self-Hypnosis still has the intense relaxation as a main quality. But here’s where the huge difference is – rather than to clear your head, the goal is to focus on something. Intently. For a while.

Hypnosis is, by definition, a state of physical relaxation and intense concentration.

This focus on something – a goal, the sound of the hypnotists words, or even just the level of your relaxation – is where things take on a different vibe.

And it’s also how changes are made.

The focus and relaxation slow down your brainwave activity, bringing you into hypnosis.

And Hypnosis then brings out your subconscious mind, allowing it to take over for a bit and giving your conscious mind a little break.

Trouble focusing?

For people who have trouble focusing, though, there’s still some good news.

Once you’re in hypnosis, your subconscious mind does the listening, so you don’t have to actively focus any more. Your thoughts may drift, and that’s totally ok!

Check out my Facebook Live on self-hypnosis and meditation.

My Facebook Live on Self-Hypnosis vs. Meditation
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