Hypnosis for Your Business & Career

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help in many aspects of life, including your business and career. Introducing hypnosis and self-hypnosis in your daily routine, as well as more specified hypnotherapy, can benefit entrepreneurs and anyone trying to get ahead in their career.

(And spoiler alert – if you’re not a traditional business owner, all of these things can help you too! I’m looking at you, moms, grad students, artists, writers…well pretty much everyone.)

5 Science Backed Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You Success in Business:

1. Hypnosis Relaxes You

As most entrepreneurs know, running a business can be stressful. Not only is stress unhealthy, but it also keeps you from thinking clearly and finding the best solutions for your business. Hypnosis trains your mind to relax, which opens it up to finding new solutions and new ideas to move your business and career forward.

2. Hypnosis Helps You Sleep

A lot of people – especially entrepreneurs – have trouble sleeping. Your head hits the pillow and your brain starts spinning, thinking of all the things you need to do tomorrow, all the things you didn’t do today, and how you’re going to be too exhausted to do any of it because now you can’t fall asleep. Sound familiar? Hypnosis can help turn these thoughts off so you can sleep, which helps you become more productive throughout the work day and stay healthier too.

3. Hypnotherapy Encourages Positive Thinking

All those thoughts mentioned above in #2? They can negatively impact your business and your career. Hypnosis can help you maintain a positive mindset which can help your career and your entire life.

4. Hypnosis Can Improve Mental Health

Did you know that entrepreneurs have a much higher rate of mental illnesses, such as depression and ADHD? Hypnotherapy can help reduce symptoms of many mental illnesses, again having a positive outcome on your business and career.

5. Hypnotherapy Can Build Confidence

Confidence is a vital key to success in business. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, you are ultimately selling yourself. Displaying confidence to clients and leads is essential. Confidence also helps you tackle the fears that can hold you pack from the tasks you try to avoid – making sales calls to strangers, opening yourself up to rejection (they’re part of business after all!), or even talking about your business to friends and family.

Check out my quick video summary of how Hypnosis can help your business & your career:

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