Stress Relief through Hypnosis

If you feel stressed more and more often in your job or in life, you are not alone.

Statistics show that 40% of workers report their job as either very or extremely stressful and 25% view their job as the #1 stressor in their life.

Stress is also associated with other health issues.

Today’s workers are expected to do more in less time, and this has carried over into personal lives as well, bringing people to a state of common – or even constant – burnout.

Staying in this state of constant stress can fuel anxiety, which can harm your physical and emotional health in many ways.

How to manage stress

If you’re like most people, you know what you need to do, but actually doing it successfully isn’t as easy. This is because your conscious mind may not believe it can achieve a relaxed state due to being accustomed to a state of stress.

This is where hypnosis can help.

How can Hypnosis Help Manage Stress?

Hypnosis can help manage stress in a number of ways, as one of its main effects – whether specifically for stress relief or for other issues – is that hypnosis is naturally relaxing and healthy for you.

  • Deep breathing, a staple in all hypnosis sessions, helps to slow down the heart rate, which induces relaxation
  • Guided imagery can transport your mind to remove you from outside negative stimuli in your life
  • The power of suggestion helps to tap into your subconscious mind, reducing stress as your subconscious mind allows your conscious, thinking mind to take a break
  • Focusing on a singular objective in guided hypnosis helps to quiet and clear the mind, inducing relaxation.

Ready to experience the relaxation of hypnosis?

Download my free stress relief hypnosis recording here.
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