Hypnosis and The Holiday Season

We are now in the midst of the holiday season! Thanksgiving was two weeks ago, Christmas and Hanukkah are in two weeks, with New Year’s right behind them. Holiday parties are in full swing. So what better time to discuss hypnosis and the holiday season!

If you feel that your nutrition (or diet, if that’s your thing) has been a little out of control lately, you are not alone. And that’s ok!

Two Important Rules for a Healthy Holiday Season

Rule #1: stop beating yourself up for a few more treats and cocktails than usual. Instead, let’s reframe the holidays. This is just one of the many facets of Hypnosis for Weight Loss, and it is essential at this time of year.

Rule #2: Be honest. Holidays for many of us can be stressful. They are busy. They are emotional. They are filled with temptation. And this combination can wreak havoc on nutrition for even the healthiest eaters out there. (If you need some quick stress relief, I have a free gift for you!)

Does that mean we should all just give up and have an eating free-for-all until January? No. Well, maybe, if you really want to. That’s your call. But here’s a better idea.

Reframe How You Talk to Yourself About Food

Rather than drowning in the old, negative self-talk (“I can’t, I shouldn’t, I ate too much, I feel fat, I ruined my diet, I’m a failure!”)….

Imagine if your mind was filled with thoughts that helped you enjoy yourself this holiday season and perhaps make it just a tiny easier to get through.

Fill your mind with phrases like:

  • I’d love one…or maybe two!
  • Wow, that was delicious!
  • Can I get that recipe?
  • I had so much fun last night!

After all, the holiday season is meant to be a time of joy. Let’s get back to that, even if only in your self-talk. Especially if only in your self talk.

The holiday season only comes once a year – Enjoy it!!

And if you need a kick start come January, my new New Year’s Hypno-Bootcamp is for you! Join my Wait List Here to be the first to get details when they are announced!  

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