Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Building Confidence

When talking about hypnosis for weight loss – or weight loss in general – confidence is often one of the main goals. It’s easy to see why. “When I lose weight, I will feel more confident,” is something people, especially women, tell themselves and the world on a regular basis.

One thing that I like to address with my weight loss clients is on the other side of confidence & weight loss. On the front end of the weight loss journey, confidence is one of the first things I work on with clients.

Why is Building Confidence Important to Weight Loss?

So many people who have struggled with their weight have done so for a long time. They have tried so many weight loss programs, or even reached their goal only to gain the weight back.

That alone has damaged their confidence, not only their body image.

It makes people wonder if they actually can lose the weight. And it makes people think they’ve failed or that there is something wrong with them.

Rebuilding Confidence Sets You Up for Success

Through hypnosis, we work together to retrain the mind into believing that “Yes, I CAN succeed. And Yes, I can lose the weight!” Flipping the mindset from expected failure or doubt to expected success can be an instant confidence boost.

Removing Road Blocks

For many people, building this confidence and removing any thoughts of not being good enough is the key to their weight loss journey. It can also help to remove patterns of self-sabotage that people may not even recognize they have.

These types of blocks can often be very deep and very old. Things like being called chubby as a child or learning to each ice cream when you are stressed can have lasting effects. These pre-existing beliefs about how we see ourselves and how we are expected to behave affect our beliefs to be anything other than what we know.

Hypnosis helps you to release the blocks and patters that are holding you back. It helps teach you new habits, new beliefs, and new reactions.

In short, hypnosis helps to build the confidence to set you up for real success on your weight loss journey.

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