Client Testimonials

Success Story: Lost 8 pounds after only the first two sessions!


Very professional, she makes you feel comfortable and wants you to succeed. After my 4th child losing weight was becoming impossible, being able to be at home and complete the sessions made it easier and I have had great results. I finally am losing the weight! She is also reasonably priced.


I decided to work with Melissa after my girlfriend told me about hypnosis and how it had worked for someone in her past. I was going down a path with alcohol that was starting to impact all areas of my life, mostly my relationships with loved ones. Being new to the idea of hypnosis and not knowing how hypnosis worked, I was unsure at first. Melissa did a great job explaining the process and how hypnosis can effect your sub-conscience and conscience thoughts. She did an amazing job putting me at ease and getting me to relax, allowing my sub-conscience mind to take over. Amazingly, just after the first session I noticed my desire to seek out a glass of my favorite libation diminished. I’ve since had a few more sessions with Melissa and each time I found myself removed further and further from my habits and desire for alcohol. Currently I’m to the point, where I don’t think about it or have a want for it, even when others around me are enjoying a beverage of choice. Kudos to Melissa and Thank you! You truly changed my life!


Thank you. Felt almost like on a spiritual plane during the final white color of the rainbow. My cat came and laid next to me on the bed….think she was hypnotized , too


Thank You! So relaxed!


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